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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClub1st XI (ECA: A Turf (Sturgess Shield))2nd XI (ECA: C Turf (Thomson Shield))ECA: Under 10 Yellow4th XI (ECA: LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield))3rd XI (ECA: E Turf (Cohen Shield))5th XI (ECA: G Turf (Butler Shield))1st XI (ECA: A Turf (Sturgess Shield))2nd XI (ECA: C Turf (Thomson Shield))ECA: Under 10 Yellow4th XI (ECA: LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield))3rd XI (ECA: E Turf (Cohen Shield))5th XI (ECA: G Turf (Butler Shield))
Amit, StevenHawthorn Cricket Club000001000001
Barel, Thomas MHawthorn Cricket Club610000610000
Beckwith, JaykeHawthorn Cricket Club000005000005
Bhatnagar, MoHawthorn Cricket Club000900000900
Bhinde, YashHawthorn Cricket Club000080000080
Bliss, Jamie AHawthorn Cricket Club010000010000
Bowman, SamHawthorn Cricket Club020040020040
Bradford, JasonHawthorn Cricket Club000004000004
Budhadev, NikharHawthorn Cricket Club000501000501
Carim, RukshanHawthorn Cricket Club000100000100
Caulfield, Scott CHawthorn Cricket Club810000810000
Cavagna, CharlieHawthorn Cricket Club006000006000
Chapman, ThomasHawthorn Cricket Club000020000020
Chauhan, Oliver DHawthorn Cricket Club900000900000
Chauhan, SikandarHawthorn Cricket Club000108000108
Choksi, NirmanHawthorn Cricket Club010010010010
Cossar, Andrew CHawthorn Cricket Club060000060000
Crowe, NickHawthorn Cricket Club000018000018
Darji, NiravHawthorn Cricket Club000020000020
Date, LukeHawthorn Cricket Club000340000340
Datta, VirenHawthorn Cricket Club006000006000
Dewage, DihanHawthorn Cricket Club000700000700
Dissanayake, RavinHawthorn Cricket Club000300000300
Dower, Michael RHawthorn Cricket Club800000800000
Dower, Patrick RHawthorn Cricket Club070000070000
Duhig, JamesHawthorn Cricket Club080000080000
Duncan, FraserHawthorn Cricket Club005000005000
Gill, Gurkamal SHawthorn Cricket Club010040010040
Gill, Gurkaran SHawthorn Cricket Club130030130030
Gilliland, SamHawthorn Cricket Club006000006000
Gomes, Gavin GHawthorn Cricket Club000180000180
Gomez, NavinHawthorn Cricket Club000500000500
Goswami, JubinHawthorn Cricket Club000108000108
Gray, Steven JHawthorn Cricket Club240000240000
Gunawardana, ChannaHawthorn Cricket Club000900000900
Gunawardana, ShamilaHawthorn Cricket Club000400000400
Guy, JoshuaHawthorn Cricket Club000010000010
Hayden, DavidHawthorn Cricket Club000008000008
Hettiarachchi, ThishaneHawthorn Cricket Club080010080010
Hussey, WayneHawthorn Cricket Club000001000001
Jarrett, NickHawthorn Cricket Club000008000008
Jayawardane, Shamal RHawthorn Cricket Club000500000500
Kansara, DhruvangHawthorn Cricket Club010080010080
Kauter, CodyHawthorn Cricket Club710000710000
Larkin, Daniel JHawthorn Cricket Club000031000031
Lienert, TrevorHawthorn Cricket Club030300030300
Mass, Malik RHawthorn Cricket Club000200000200
Matthews, GilesHawthorn Cricket Club000030000030
McIlroy, Angus IHawthorn Cricket Club710000710000
McIlroy, WillHawthorn Cricket Club180000180000