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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11172720781268932696821117Chris RyanHawthorn2017/2018LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield)11 1Abbotsford Anglers
2941654493126893266237594Mihir SolankiHawthorn2017/2018D Turf (Mair Shield)5 1North Balwyn
384324046126893281269084Thomas M BarelHawthorn2017/2018Kookaburra T20 Cup (www.kookaburra.biz)1 1Surrey Hills
479565967126893281269679Robert RyanHawthorn2017/2018Kookaburra T20 Cup (www.kookaburra.biz)2 1Heathmont
578591658126893270803478*Ranees M KhaleelHawthorn2017/2018LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield)4 1Toorak-Prahran
676779123126893266236976*Gurkamal S GillHawthorn2017/2018D Turf (Mair Shield)3 1Bulleen
766918290126893266390266*Mohsin MemonHawthorn2017/2018F Turf (Patterson Shield)1 1Ringwood
8631527126893266233163*Robert C TongueHawthorn2017/2018C Turf (Thomson Shield)8 1Marcellin OC
963105287126893266237163*Cory McGearyHawthorn2017/2018D Turf (Mair Shield)4 1Donvale
106269284126893269678462Channa GunawardanaHawthorn2017/2018LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield)2 1Kew
1160427614126893266392260Giles F MatthewsHawthorn2017/2018F Turf (Patterson Shield)6 1Donvale
1254565967126893265997254Robert RyanHawthorn2017/2018Wright Shield2 1Deepdene Bears
13531189087126893277232553*Ben StambeHawthorn2017/2018Under 14B EC Orr3 1Glen Iris Hogan
14531654490126893269678453James SimpsonHawthorn2017/2018LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield)2 1Kew
155329869126893265997253Dale J WilkinsonHawthorn2017/2018Wright Shield2 1Deepdene Bears
16521355894126893269681652Vin CameronHawthorn2017/2018LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield)10 1Kew
1752580905126893265998852Sanket PatelHawthorn2017/2018Wright Shield6 1Bulleen
1851880024126893266236151Umesh GuptaHawthorn2017/2018D Turf (Mair Shield)1 1Bulleen
19511399911126893269678851Shamal R JayawardaneHawthorn2017/2018LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield)3 1Melbourne Deaf
20501709649126893266391850Jay SoniHawthorn2017/2018F Turf (Patterson Shield)5 1Deepdene Bears
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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HCC Scoreboard

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Grade: ECA:Wright Shield Round: 7 2 Dec 17
9 Dec 17
Marcellin OC   def by   Hawthorn
Grade: ECA:Wright Shield Round: 8 16 Dec 17
Hawthorn   def by   Heathmont
Grade: ECA:C Turf (Thomson Shield) Round: 8 16 Dec 17
Marcellin OC   def   Hawthorn
Grade: ECA:D Turf (Mair Shield) Round: 8 16 Dec 17
Mont Albert   def   Hawthorn
Grade: ECA:F Turf (Patterson Shield) Round: 8 16 Dec 17
Hawthorn   def by   La Trobe University
Grade: ECA:F Turf (Patterson Shield) Round: 9 6 Jan 18
Hawthorn   drew   Old Carey
Grade: ECA:F Turf (Patterson Shield) Round: 10 14 Jan 18
La Trobe University   drew   Hawthorn
Grade: ECA:LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield) Round: 10 9 Dec 17
Hawthorn   def   Kew
Grade: ECA:LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield) Round: 11 16 Dec 17
Abbotsford Anglers   def by   Hawthorn
Grade: ECA:LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield) Round: 12 6 Jan 18
Knox Churches   drew   Hawthorn
Grade: ECA:LOC 2 (RW Laws Shield) Round: 13 13 Jan 18
Hawthorn   drew   Waverley Wanderers
Grade: ECA:Kookaburra T20 Cup (www.kookaburra.biz) Round: 3 12 Dec 17
Hawthorn   def   East Doncaster
Grade: ECA:Kookaburra T20 Cup (www.kookaburra.biz) Round: QF 16 Jan 18
Ashburton Willows   def by   Hawthorn
Grade: ECA:Under 14B EC Orr Round: 6 15 Dec 17
Hawthorn   def by   Boroondara
Grade: ECA:Under 14C J.Bate Round: 6 15 Dec 17
Box Hill Mustangs/IEGC   v   Hawthorn