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Batting Partnerships

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1264 Charlie Hume - Louis Cox Hawthorn Cricket ClubUnder 14C J.Bate5 1 Canterbury
2168 Channa Gunawardana - Mohomed Anfes Hawthorn Cricket ClubLOC 1 (McCarthy Shield)13 1 Mulgrave /Waverley Wanderers
3131 Channa Gunawardana - Cory McGeary Hawthorn Cricket ClubLOC 1 (McCarthy Shield)10 1 Victorian Cavaliers SC
4122 Marcus Tilley - Cory McGeary Hawthorn Cricket ClubD Turf (Mair Shield)13 1 East Malvern Tooronga
5125 Adam Rugg - Michael Yole Hawthorn Cricket ClubC Turf (Thomson Shield)4 1 Boronia
660 Michael Yole - Marcus Tilley Hawthorn Cricket ClubC Turf (Thomson Shield)5 1 St Kevins OC
760 Sanket Patel - Angus McIlroy Hawthorn Cricket ClubWright Shield12 1 Bulleen
874 Matthew Sempill - Yogesh Thakur Hawthorn Cricket ClubWright Shield14 1 Glen Iris
949 Satheesh SivakumaranFernandu - David Middleton Hawthorn Cricket ClubC Turf (Thomson Shield)12 1 Heathmont
1089 Luke Brown - Yogesh Thakur Hawthorn Cricket ClubC Turf (Thomson Shield)10 1 Ashburton Willows

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