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Eastern Cricket Association - Wright Shield
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Notes: Neil Wright was a fine cricketer for Ashburton CC from their time of entry into ESCA in 1947. He subsequently served a ten year term as Club Secretary. Neil first joined the ESCA Executive in the 1949/50 season as a grade secretary and three years later became general secretary - a position he held for 13 years. Neil also became treasurer for the now VMCU in 1963 and was made a life member in 1978. Neil was made a life member of ESCA in 1959 and remained a vice president until being elected president in 1978. At the conclusion of the 1981/2 season Neil retired after 35 years of continuous activity. Neil passed away at the age of 98 on 1 June 2014. Recent Premiers: 2015/16 Marcellin OC CC, 2014/15 Donvale CC, 2013/14 East Doncaster CC, 2012/13 Bulleen CC, 2011/12 North Balwyn CC, 2010/11 Boronia CC, 2009/10 Glen Iris CC, 2008/09 North Balwyn CC

Eastern Cricket Association - C Turf (Thomson Shield)
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Notes: Ian Thomson started his ESCA career as General Secretary in 1965 after being secretary of the Deepdene CC for the previous seven years. Ian was ESCA Secretary for five years and then became ESCA Treasurer from 1970 until 1999 - a remarkable 30 year stint - a record unlikely ever to be broken. Recent Premiers: 2015/16 Mont Albert CC, 2014/15 North Balwyn CC, 2013/14 East Doncaster CC, 2012/13 Donvale CC, 2011/12 Glen Iris CC, 2010/11 Burwood CC, 2009/10 Marcellin OC CC, 2008/09 East Doncaster CC

Eastern Cricket Association - D Turf (Mair Shield)
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Notes: Following three years as a Club delegate, Geoff Mair took on the role of ESCA grade secretary in 1949 and became association treasurer in 1953. He filled this office with distinction for 17 years until his untimely death in 1970. Geoff was awarded life membership in 1959. Recent Premiers: 2015/16 St Barnabas CC, 2014/15 East Malvern Tooronga CC, 2013/14 Marcellin CC, 2012/13 Ringwood CC, 2011/12 Ringwood CC, 2010/11 Hawthorn CC, 2009/10 Surrey Hills CC, 2008/09 Richmond City CC

Eastern Cricket Association - F Turf (Patterson Shield)
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Notes: Rodney Patterson began with the ESCA at Mulgrave CC and started his administration roles with that club as secretary in 1991, a position he held for 13 seasons. Rodney first joined the ESCA in 1994/95 season as assistant secretary but was moved overseas for a season. He re-joined the ESCA in 1997/98 season again as assistant secretary. In 2000 he took on the role as Operations Manager, a position he held until the end of the 2012/13 season (returning in the role from the 2015/16 season). In 2009, he joined the VMCU board as their administrator. In 2011 Rodney was granted ECA Life Membership. Recent Premiers: 2015/16 Donvale CC, 2014/15 Mont Albert CC, 2013/14 Richmond Union CC, 2012/13 The Mighty Hawks Mulgrave CC

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