HCC Hawks Rewards Program
Date of Event Hawthorn Cricket Club: Tue May 26, 2020 3:16PM

Hawk Rewards Small Business Brand Promotional Program.



 The Hawthorn Cricket Club (HCC) is extremely excited to launch our NEWEST promotional program called Hawks Rewards.


 As local communities start to emerge from their hibernation post the shutdown period, small businesses in the area are beginning their recovery, with some sectors still facing strict trading restrictions.


The Hawthorn Cricket Club has a created a small business brand promotion called Hawks Rewards which focuses on driving traffic through their doors and to their websites.


Hawks Rewards allows local small businesses instant access to the Hawthorn CC’s members and supporter network so they can promote discounted sales offers and services to Hawks junior and senior members.


From as little as $200, Hawks Rewards will help to fast-track their recovery AND expand their customer marketing channels instantly.


We LOVE Local Business!


For over 70 years, Hawthorn CC has been relying on local businesses to help fund the club.  In these challenging economic times, it’s the club’s responsibility to return the favour.


In partnership, and at a significantly reduced rate, we can market their business and provide some fantastic value to our club members.


For more information and to download the Hawks Rewards flyer, visit our new Hawks Rewards page on the club website.

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To purchase a package, visit our Facebook Shop (Shop menu option). Payments are processed online, and a tax invoice is automatically generated


Supporting Local Business

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Last updated: Sunday August 23, 2020 3:14PM
Author: Rob Durrant