HCC COVID-19 Return To (Safe) Play
Date of Event Hawthorn Cricket Club: Sun Aug 23, 2020 3:02PM


The ECA has announced that the ‘working towards’ date for the start of the 2020/21 season will be Saturday 14th November.


 This date is assuming that we will be under ‘Step 3’ of the Victoria COVID-19 Roadmap and we will keep you updated if this date moves.


 The Hawthorn Cricket Club has developed a COVID-19 plan which can be found on our club website on our dedicated COVID-19 resource page


 It is important to remember when reading the COVID-19 plan and supporting information that ‘cricket in a pandemic is a privilege, not a right’, and we all need to do our bit to ensure our season can begin.


These are general club guidelines and more specific details for all of our facilities will be released to our members shortly.


 With this in mind, some important information we do know about what to expect in the season includes:


  • Proposed club training resuming as of 27th October at HA Smith
  • A ‘Get in, train or play, get out’ mantra applied
  • All matches in the season will be ‘one-day’ format
  • 5 teams have been entered by the club, 4 in Turf and 1 in LOC Synthetic
  • No sharing of equipment at training or match days
  • No T20 games before Xmas
  • No in-person post-match or social events until after Xmas.


We invite you to download a copy of the HCC COVID-19 Plan from our website to ensure that you understand the guidelines and changes around the club this season.


 HCC COVID-19 Resource Page [Visit Page]


 For more information, please contact Robert Tongue (COVID-19 Manager)


 Play Together. Win Together.

 Hawthorn Cricket Club


Last updated: Saturday October 17, 2020 12:09PM
Author: Rob Durrant