Hawthorn CC 2020 Season Player Milestones
Date of Event Hawthorn Cricket Club: Mon Dec 21, 2020 6:44PM

HCC 2020 Season Milestones

Even during a season impacted by COVID-19, the players at the Hawthorn Cricket Club continue to show outstanding on-field performances.


Here is the summary thus far (thanks to David Hayden):


Marcus Tilley: 250 games. Brought up in the round 3 Home Game with a win at Rathmines vs Heathmont.


Rob Ryan: 2000 runs brought up in his ‘gritty’ 77 to win vs La Trobe University.


Dale Wilkinson: 150 wickets. Brought up in his excellent 3 fa in a round 3 win vs Mazenod OC.


Dave Hayden: 300 games from this legend of the club.


Sanket Patel: 150 Games during the HCC v Boronia in the 2XI on the 12th of December.


Vikram Singh: 100 Games during HCC v Boronia in the 2XI on the 12th of December.


Scott Caulfield: our clubs 'Gun in the One's' passing 500 Runs in the game against Boronia also on the 12th of December.


Huge achievement for such proud and consistent commitment to the Hawthorn Cricket Club.

More to come in the rounds ahead…


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Author: Rob Durrant