HCC Presentation Night Awards 2021
Date of Event Hawthorn Cricket Club: Fri Mar 26, 2021 7:00PM

Current and past players, Life Members and partners gathered at HA Smith Pavilion to celebrate the achievements of the 2020/21 COVID-19 impacted cricket season and the induction of two new Life Members. It was a very challenging season for the Club’s committee, who handled it extremely well across the Junior and Senior sections of the Club.

Award winners on the nights in order of proceedings:


Team Batting and Bowling Awards


5XI Batting - Nick Jarrett 197 runs at 16.42 - HS 59

5XI Bowling - Jubin Goswami 23 wickets at 9.09 BB 4/16


4XI Batting - Channa Gunawardana 595 runs at 54.09 - HS 101* rtno

4XI Bowling - Channa Gunawardana 22 wickets at 8.82 - BB 4/8


3XI Batting - Dhruvang Kansara 234 runs at 21.27 - HS 67

3XI Bowling - Yash Bhinde 6 wickets at 44.8 - BB2/21


2XI Batting - Gurkaran S. Gill 207 runs at 29.6 - HS 103

2XI Bowling - Andrew Cossar 19 wickets at 14.17 - BB 4/28


1XI Batting - Robert Ryan 489 runs at 34.93 - HS 81

1XI Bowling - Nigel Van Der Wert 29 wickets at 14.03 - BB 4/11


Golden Gloves Award 2020/21

Anthony Walsh - 16 c. 1 st. 4 asst. Run Outs


Player Milestone Awards 2020/21

100 Games - Vikram Singh and Angus McIlroy

150 Games - Sanket Patel

250 Games - Marcus Tilley

300 Games - David Hayden


   500 Runs - Adam Rugg, Cody Kauter, Scott Caulfield, Shamila Gunawardana and Thishane Hettiarachichi

1500 Runs - Gavin Gomes

2000 Runs - Robert Ryan

2500 Runs - Gurkaran Gill Singh

3000 Runs - Sanket Patel

3500 Runs - Channa Gunawardana


  50 Wickets - Mohsin Memon and Nigel Van Der Wert

100 Wickets - Dave Middleton

150 Wickets - Dale Wilkinson and Dihan Dewage

200 Wickets - Andrew Cossar


1st XI A-Turf Premiers

Our triumphant 1XI were brought up on stage to be celebrated and presented with team photos.


Mark Fitzpatrick MVTM

Voted 3, 2, 1 by the players for the persons who have contributed to their enjoyment of cricket during the season at the Club.


Joint Winners - Rob Tongue and Robert Ryan


Jon Kozeniauskas Best All-Round Performer

1stChanna Gunawardana   1020 points

2nd - Nigel Van Der Wert           705 points

3rd - Jubin Goswami                687 points


Tony Tongue Best Clubman

To the individual who works hard to maintain the Club’s operation at a high level, endeavoring to grow and improve our operations.


Robert Ryan - Facilities Manager of our 3 grounds, Chairman of Selectors and doing just about anything and everything needed for the Club! All while putting in match winning performances when most needed for the 1st XI! An exceptional contribution from Rob Ryan.


Junior Co-ordinator and Coaches recognition

Cody Kauter, Tom Barel and Angus McIlroy were thanked for their fantastic efforts in delivering a very successful and growing Junior program for our Club.


2 new HCC Life Members in 2021



Jason Bradford


Jason arrived at the club in 1989/90 and has made an outstanding contribution as a bowler over 226 games, taking 313 wickets at 23.5 apiece. He has claim to taking 8 wickets for 25 runs, with 6 bowled and 1 LBW and was a member of the 2000/01 4XI Premiership team under Jerry Tylas.


Despite all this Jason has faced very difficult personal challenges, battling depression and alcohol addiction which interrupted his playing career for 7 seasons. But to his credit, Jason has risen above these to be in the best stage of his life and he commutes from Seaford to play with his Hawthorn team mates.


In an emotional acceptance speech, Jason said that he was deeply humbled by the award and it meant a great deal to him. He has loved watching and helping younger players develop and improve far beyond his playing ability. Hawthorn is the one constant place where Jason has truly felt accepted and at home.




Stephen Yole


Stephen has been a fixture at the Hawthorn CC for 35 years, since birth! He had no choice, being the son of two Club Legends in John and Graeme Yole, which makes Stephen the first 3rd generation Life Member of the Club.


Stephen started back in 1995/96 as a Junior playing 54 games and debuted in the seniors a year later! As a talented all rounder he spent many seasons coaching Junior teams in his early 20s leading to a Premiership for the Un12s in 2008/09.


Stephen’s 205 game senior career includes 2,880 runs, a H.S. of 91,  96 wickets with best bowling of 8/61 and includes a 2XI Premiership in 2004/05. He said that it was a great honour to receive his Life Membership and it has been an enormously enjoyable part of his life playing at Hawthorn.


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Author: Dave Hayden